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Unlock Your Programmatic Potential

Join us at Programmatic Pioneers to learn how innovative brands like Macy’s, American Express, Disney, Samsung, Nestle and many others are optimizing their data to deliver the most accurate audience segmentation across channels through programmatic spend.

The programmatic value chain is complex. Issues relating to price and data transparency, data privacy and ad fraud present brands with daily challenges. And with a shortage of talent companies aren’t sure whether to keep this function in-house or outsource it altogether. Attending Programmatic Pioneers will help you untangle some of these complexities and ensure you walk away with proven strategies to unlock your programmatic potential.

“You can’t miss out on this event – where programmatic leaders share their different views on topical issues”

“Attending this event makes sense if you want to add value to your company’s programmatic strategy”

Our Speakers. Your Visionaries.

Amy Corner

VP of Performance Channel Marketing
American Express
How To Deliver The Most Accurate Audience Segmentations

Susie Gruda

Global Head of ROI
Data + Creative For Awe-Inspiring Customer Experiences

Shaune Kolber

Programmatic Strategy & Marketing Technology Innovation
The Robot Heart And The Human Intuition

Atul Bhandari

Head of Product, Advertising & Data
The Rise Of OTT And Advanced Television

Danea Williams

VP Digital Media Strategy
How To Breakdown The Silo Mentality

Roshen Matthew

AVP of Digital Media & Emerging Technolgy
Digital Brand Safety Leadership: Guidelines For Success

Rachel Mervis

Programmatic Lead
Solving The Talent Shortage

Krag Klagles

Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics and Optimization
Disney Parks & Resorts
Finding The Right Place To Source Data

Joella Duncan

Director of Media Strategy
Data Analysis, Cleanliness and Quality

Emily Galt

Director, Digital Marketing
Constellation Brands
Leveraging Programmatic Across All Digital Channels

Ken Van Every

Director of Programmatic and Data Sales
Where Is The Best Place To Source Data

Kolin Kleveno

SVP – Head of Programmatic
Developing Mind-Blowing Ads

Doug Fleming

Head of Advanced Television
Unearthing the Power of Creative

Gabe Bevilacqua

SVP Product Management and Advanced Advertising
Executing Multi-Channel, Data-Driven Campaigns

Jeremy Hlavecek

Chief Revenue Officer
IBM and the Weather Company
Where Is The Best Place To Source Data?

Jason Tollestrup

VP of Programmatic Strategy and Yield
Washington Post
How To Be An Inventory Rock Star

For All Players in Programmatic


  • Learn how to take charge of your programmatic strategies by bringing them in-house and owning the data
  • Transform your agency relationship to get better control and transparency of your campaign investments
  • Identify clearer metrics on which marketing channels are contributing to your business outcomes


  • Identify where your clients are looking to grow and help them realise their programmatic potential
  • Understand what brands want to achieve as they increasingly move towards a hybrid model
  • Learn how to make the most of your data in order to optimise your clients’ campaigns
  • Define how to maintain your market share through innovations that will keep you ahead of the competition


  • Discover what advertisers really think at the industry’s only content-led conference on programmatic
  • Ensure that the value of your inventory is increasing
  • Develop practices such as Ads.tx to contribute to a cleaner and more transparent digital ad ecosystem

150 +

Leading Brands Under One Roof

40 +

Thought Leading Speakers

50 +

Inspiring And Practical Sessions


Full Days Of Engaging Learning And Networking

Who Attends

Join 150+ Heads of Programmatic, Media, Marketing, Digital, Acquisition, Performance, Digital and Advertising to get the actionable strategies you need to implement in order to unlock the full potential of your programmatic program, and gain transparency from third-party providers.

Why Programmatic Pioneers Is Right For You

Built From The Best In The Industry


Content Built By Brands, For Brands

The Most Interactive Programmatic Event, Ever


Your Agenda At A Glance

Day One, November 13, 2019

  • 8:55am Keynote: Deliver Accurate Audience Segmentation Across Various Channels with American Express
  • 9:35am Panel Interactive: Does Transparency Actually Matter with AT&T, Equifax, Macy’s and more
  • 11:55am Case Study Interactive: Bridge The Gap Between Data-Driven Marketing and Creative Design with Macy’s
  • 1:45pm Panel Interactive: Where is the BEST Place to Source Data with, Disney and IBM
  • 2:15pm Creative Boardroom: Finding the Right People with the Right Combination of Customer Focus with Nestle
  • 3:15pm Case Study Revolution: Programmatic FOMO – Missed Opportunities in Tracking Your Audience with Trusted Media Brands
  • 5:25pm Programmatic Pioneers Cocktail Reception

Day Two, November 14, 2019

  • 9:00am Keynote: The Robot Heart and the Human Intuition with Dell
  • 9:20am Keynote: Marrying Data and Creative to Develop Awe-Inspiring Customer Experiences with Google
  • 9:40am Fireside Chat: The Rise of OTT and Advanced Television with Hulu and Samsung
  • 11:40am Fireside Chat: Leveraging Programmatic Across All Digital Channels with Constellation Brands
  • 11:40am Creative Boardroom: Diversity and Social Responsibility in Advertising with Ben & Jerry’s
  • 1:50pm Roundtable: Uncovering the Power of Programmatic Video with Honda
  • 2:50pm Track: Using Automation to Quickly Respond to Shifting Consumer Reactions with EightBar and Pernod-Ricard

The Most Interactive Programmatic Conference Around

Programmatic Pioneers is where you’ll go to get your questions answered. With several different unique formats, we’re built for networking opportunities you won’t get at any other conference.

Alter Ego Roundtables

Explore less conventional ideas as each attendee approaches a challenge as their favorite superhero or industry role model

Creative Board Rooms

An RSVP/invite-only facilitated large working group collaborating to identify 2-3 actionable takeaways for specific topics

Peer to Peer Fireside Chat

An interview-style session with leaders from top companies interviewing one another, followed by the Q&A with the audience

Six Thinking Hats

Invented by psychologist Edward de Bono, each member puts on a different “thinking hat” and approaches challenges from new perspectives

Talk Show Panel

A 40 minute moderated discussion featuring 3-5 panelists, with moderator interviewing panelists one at a time

VIP Think Tank

An RSVP/invite-only facilitated discussion with 15-20 primary market senior executive leaders focused on conference main topics

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